Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences

On March 26, Ghent University organizes a university-wide Alumni Day for all alumni and their families. The Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, under the banner "Everyone FPPW," is signing up for an afternoon program of workshops, interactive demonstrations, experiments, lectures, explorations, a meeting point for alumni, and the official opening of a new building.

There is something for young and old to enjoy. Some activities look back at the faculty's exciting past, others proudly showcase the present or cast a glance at what psychology and educational sciences can mean in future society. At 3 p.m., Dean Ann Buysse will present the book "Liber Memorialis 50 Years of Faculty," which took shape with a large group of emeriti and department chairs and went into print last year.

All activities take place on the Dunant campus. The student square will be transformed into a cozy terrace including coffee and cake, opportunity to taste a Ghent beer, and 'croques'.